I drank a few glasses of wine at a wedding before I knew I was pregnant how concerned should I be?

It is recommended that pregnant women avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Although small amounts of alcohol are usually not considered harmful during the very early stages of pregnancy, the longer alcohol is consumed the greater the risks will be. Please call if you are concerned.

Can I have my hair dyed or permed during my pregnancy?

Most experts agree that most hair treatments (permanents, straighteners, coloring, bleaching) are unlikely to pose an increased risk to the fetus and therefore the decision of whether to use them can be a personal one.


 I took cold medication when I was two months along. Is that harmful?

Some over-the-counter cold medications can be taken in moderate amounts if necessary, but check with your health care provider or call us about taking any cold medications, including herbal remedies.

Is it safe to refinish and paint the baby’s room when I am expecting?

It is generally felt believed that pregnant women should avoid this task. However, the occasional household exposure is not known to pose an increased risk during pregnancy but oil based products should be avoided and the area should be well-ventilated. Please call for more information.

I live in an older home that might have lead paint, could this be harmful to my pregnancy?

If the paint is intact (i.e. there is no chipping or peeling and if it is not being sanded or stripped) then it is unlikely to result in a significant exposure. However, if you believe you have had a significant exposure to lead then a blood lead test can be performed by your doctor to determine if your levels are elevated.

Chicken pox is going around at the school where I work. My due date is next week. What should I do?

People who have had the chicken pox are usually immune to the disease and are unlikely to be re-infected. If you have never had the chicken pox, it is important to contact your health care provider or MothertToBaby MA for more information.

I am going to the beach for the weekend. Is it okay to use sunscreen?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the common ingredients in sunscreens today are minimally absorbed into the bloodstream from the skin. Although there are no studies available on the use of these products in human pregnancy, they are not expected to be harmful.

I am so worried because I used drugs before I knew I was pregnant. I would like to keep the baby, but I’m afraid that I have caused serious harm?

If you have had exposure to drugs during the early stages of pregnancy, call MotherToBaby. We will provide information in non-judgmental manner and will make an assessment of risk for your unique situation. Every woman’s exposure is different so get advice from professionals first before making any decisions. It may not be as bad as you think.